Welcome to Aim Audio

Berlin, 18th January 2023: A new audio brand is announced with a range of innovative studio microphone products

Aim Audio® is an all-new pro-audio brand led by a very experienced team of industry professionals. Launching with ground-breaking and stunningly beautiful mics, each model has been conceived entirely from the ground up, to help change the studio microphone world forever. Based in the heart of Europe, we’re also bringing back volume production to Berlin, the home of the Studio Condenser Microphone.

Showcasing on our booth at NAMM 2024, Aim Audio will be presenting two new microphone models; INSPIRE, a multi-pattern model and the cardioid ESSENCE. In addition, we will be showing ORBIT, our revolutionary Shock Mount.

Made in Berlin, Germany, these new high-performance models contain many world firsts and come with a host of unique and useful innovative features, including our patent-pending Switchable Electronic/ Transformer output stage. From a direct, beautifully open and fast response, to smooth and intimate sounds with sparkling harmonics and deep lows, plus the ability to compare on the fly, all should help to make Aim Audio mics become a top choice – wherever and for whatever source users wish to use them on.

From the outset, the Aim team wanted to discover how the feel, look and exactly what makes a microphone tick. The aesthetics are a result of a collaboration with one of the world’s top Industrial Design teams in Germany. During this process, we sought to not reinvent the wheel for the sake of it, but improve usability and ergonomics for studio and stage and bring mics into the future. All while still having a deep and respectful nod to the past. At the same time, we desired to make our products as affordable as possible, so more musicians and engineers can benefit from our new technology.

Our electronics have been conceived by our engineering team to not only aspire to be as good as the best that is on the market today, but also exceed many of our competitors at the same price level. We also believe we have added genuinely useful innovations to the mix. The sound of the microphones has also been cross checked and blind tested by a leading panel of studio engineers, musicians, voice artists and influencers all over the world and the style and tonality of our hand-made capsules were chosen entirely by ear.

Bruce Davidson, Co-Founder commented: “We’ve been working on this project for a few years now. Doing much of this during a pandemic didn’t make it as straightforward as it could have been. However, despite the challenges the world presented us with, it has been a fun, sometimes intense, yet ultimately rewarding development process and with a great team of true experts in our field. All of us at Aim Audio can’t wait for the world to see, hear and use our new creations that we are immensely proud of.”

Main features for the ESSENCE model include:

• All-metal housing with unique and beautiful oval design
• Class-leading audio Performance with quality electronics (>140 dBA internal headroom*)
• Switchable between Electronic or Transformer Balanced Output
• Custom-wound Toroidal Audio Transformer with VITROPERM core
• 1” Large Diaphragm True Condenser Capsule (6 micron Gold Sputtered Mylar)
• Sound chosen by blind listening tests, using our industry leading panel
• Integrated Peak-Level Metering
• Backlit Controls (dimmable and lockable)
• Built-in direct-to-stand mounting
• -10 dB Pad
• 80 Hz Low Cut Switch
• Powered by regular 48 V Phantom Power
• Optional ORBIT Shock Mount
• Made in Berlin, Germany

While the INSPIRE Model adds the following extra features:

• 5 Switchable Polar Patterns, with correct voltage reached indication
• -10 and -20 dB Pad options
• Reversible Direction (Front/Back)
• 80 Hz Low Cut or 110 Hz Roll Off options
• Included Custom ORBIT Shock Mount, with 190 degree adjustable clamp angle
• Included SENTRY Magnetic and Reversible Pop Filter

Unique Positioning TechnologyMore about ORBIT